Bob Kinford is a low stress stress stockman teaching stockamnship for those who handle cattle horseback or want to practice holistic grazing without extra fencing. He is also a cowboy humorist and advocate for agriculture. With over forty years in the saddle he has a lot to teach, and a lot of humorous material. At a recent stockmanship school I was described as a combination of "Ray Hunt, Bud Williams and Baxter Black."
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Advocating agriculture through Rhymin' & Ropin'

photo courtesy of
Chris Gill

I am currently the only person teaching how to instill herd instinct in cattle. Instilling herd instinct allows better grazing management in riparian areas, as well as the ability to follow grazing plans without needing to cut your existing pastures into small paddocks. The following two videos show how this differs to simply placing cattle to stay in one place. Feel free to contact me with questions or to hold a stockmanship school or clinic on your ranch.

Some of what I teach